Sunday, January 12, 2014



Commission time!
Okay, so due to the storm that froze the entire town that I live in, my car is out of commission. The battery has frozen and the car won’t even try to turn on. I need a little help to pay for a new one.
So I’m offering some commissions to help me out.
All the commissions are colored unless you don’t want color and we can talk about that.

Waist up:One Character - $7
+$5 for each extra character

Full Body:One Character - $10
+$7 for each extra character

If you’re interested in Custom Comic Pages, message me or email me about what you would like and we can talk about it. I’m very flexible with what you’d like and I like to communicate a lot to make sure you get what you want.
Paypal only please! You can direct all orders to!
Even if you’re not interested in a commission from me, please spread the word because everything helps. I just really need this car battery.
Thanks so much!

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