Friday, October 18, 2013

"Chocolate" Storyboards w Montie and Cole

So this was an assignment in my Traditional Animation class where we had to design a couple and then do a storyboard about how they fell in love. 

I used some characters I'm working on from a bigger story and this went better than I thought it would. Since it is a part of a larger story I wanted to keep the exposition to a minimum and just focus on an interaction between the characters. They're a couple of characters that are very close to each other and they're facing a time in their lives and relationship where they have to figure out where they stand with each other. I didn't want Montie to completely friendzone Cole either, but he took a chance and he made the relationship move. 

I want to redo the last page to make it flow a bit better but I'll get to that when I can. I also really like these pages as opposed to the ones we had before. These are the ones the the big shots use! I feel so pro! 

So yeah.

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